The Elusive Evening Nap

I wish I had something more insightful and interesting to share with you all, but I’m completely tapped out. Today has been quite a long day – I went to work, as usual, participated in 2 client meetings, then prepared for my department’s quarterly social event. As a member of the social committee, it was my job to mingle, make sure everyone was having fun, and of course, imbibe with my colleagues. After the revelry died down, I was there tying up some loose ends. I got home at around 7:30PM, so relatively early. As a night owl (I typically fall asleep between 1 and 2AM on worknights), I thought I had plenty of time for a little cat nap. I set my iPhone timer to go off 1 hour and 17 minutes later, but I missed a crucial component – pressing the start button. Consequently, I woke up at 10:45PM! I was so mad! I know for sure that this will throw off my sleep schedule for tonight, but more importantly, I wasn’t able to get anything done. I often chat with friends about napping, evening napping in particular. Very few of us seem to get it right – we either end up over-sleeping or laying in the bed for hours on end, not getting any shut-eye. I decided to do a little online research about the topic, and it turns out I was doing it all wrong. According to the American Sleep Foundation, “a long nap or a nap taken too late in the day may adversely affect the length and quality of nighttime sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, a nap will only amplify problems” I’m paying for it now! Sleepy Melanie

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