Back on Track

Wow … I know it’s been a while since I last posted a blog, but I didn’t realize that it’s been over a month. That’s not good. Over the past few weeks, life’s little annoyances have been gaining on me, particularly the pursuit of new employment. That’s no excuse, but that’s where I’ve been. Onward and upward.

Now that spring is approaching, I have my 2 runs to look forward to. My first one is in a month. That being said, I need to get back in shape. Since it’s so cold and snowy outside, I need to take my exercise inside. I could use the treadmill in the gym in my condo, or I could make my exercise even more local – my living room. A few months ago, I acquired the Insanity workout videos. If you haven’t heard of it before, let me make it clear that the program is very aptly titled. It involves the most intense cardio workout that I’ve ever done in my entire life. It’s a series of several videos that, when done according to the prescribed schedule, should take 60 days. That entails working out 6 days a week. Here is a clip so you can see what I’m talking about:

Pretty insane, would you say? I’ve done a few of the workouts, but I haven’t been doing them on a regular basis. So I’m going to start by making baby steps – instead of committing myself to working out 6 days a week for the next 2 months, I’m going to start out with just one week. It sounds paltry in comparison, but if I can complete 6 “insane” workout a week, I will be quite impressed with myself. And hopefully slimmer!

I will be updating my blog with my progress at that halfway point (sometime this coming weekend) and at the end. I hope to have some good stories for you!

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