Sky Zone, My New Favourite Place

As mentioned in my previous post, I was to report on my 6-day Insanity exercise regime. I was a bit of a social butterfly this weekend, which threw a wrench in the fitness plans I’d scheduled for myself. While I did not do what I’d planned to do, I managed to merge the social and the fitness elements together.

I went to a place called Sky Zone in Leaside. My friends told me about their plans to go. I’d never heard of this place before, so I checked it out online and saw that it was an indoor trampoline park. I wasn’t sure that it’d be something that I’d enjoy, as there are several pictures of school-aged enjoying the facility. I for sure thought it was a place meant strictly for 10-year-olds and not for people in my age range, who are basically old enough to have 10-year-olds of their own. But I decided to go anyway, and I was extremely happy that I did.

The idea of the activity is pretty simple – jumping around on a trampoline. I actually have never been on a trampoline, even as a kid, but I imagined what it would feel like. It was a bit like jumping on the bed, which I definitely did as a child, but times 1000. I felt so giddy and silly doing it. My friends and I laughed like crazy. Here, take a look of what the place is like:

I tried doing side splits, squats and ab crunches while bouncing (I wish I had pictures or video to show you, but I had my precious iPhone secured in a locker). I found myself sweating more than I’d anticipated. It was a strong workout, that’s for sure. And 2 days later, my legs and back feel the same ache I felt the after taking 2-month running hiatus, so I know it is an effective jogging alternative. I can’t wait to go back! I highly recommend it to anyone, any age!

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