3 Hour Spin Class … A Smart Choice

One of the great things about a long weekend is the fact that there is so much more time to squeeze in activities. This past weekend, I was able to squeeze 3 hours of spinning … in one session! Yes, I spun for 3 straight hours. I did it at a spin studio in Toronto called Quad. This was actually my second time doing it, as I took part in the session last month. Over the course of the 180 minutes, there were 6 different spin instructors, each with their own styles and music selection. It was broken down into 6 sections running 26 minutes, with 4 minute breaks in between. On my first go-around, I had muscle soreness for a few days afterwards. This time around, I was completely fine.

I’ve been spinning for about 4 years, and I love it. But it’s a really challenging workout. I must admit, during every spin class I’ve ever been to, I’m constantly checking the time to see when it will be done. But what I like about spinning, and particularly spinning at Quad, is that there is so much energy in the room, from the instructors to my fellow riders. The musical selection also plays a strong part of it for me. Luckily, the instructors at Quad play high-energy music that almost makes me feel like I’m dancing on the bike. And energy is definitely needed during an extended workout. So if you enjoy spinning and live in the Toronto or Oakville area, I strongly suggest checking out Quad.

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