Make Your Own Fancy Salads

As you’ve seen in my previous post, I’ve been enjoying salads as of late. And you know that I like to make my money stretch, especially when it comes to food. I’ve taken this practice to salad making. I recently made salads that got rave reviews from friends. I know if I had gone to a salad bar or some other establishment that allows you to customize your salad, I would have paid a much prettier penny than what I paid for mine. Look at these pretty pictures:

Spinach SaladKalad Salad ... Yum
These are two basic spinach and kale salads with some chicken thrown in. Pretty tasty on its own. But it’s the little things that give your salad that extra bit of flare. The two little things that I add to jump up my salad are dried cranberries and chopped almonds. I went to my local bulk store and bought them for less than $3, and this was enough to dress several salads. Try them on your next salad. It will take it from bland to bold!

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