I’m Not Even Going to Try to Resist

You all know that I’ve taken some much needed time off and headed to the Windy City. This is my first time to the mid-western city. I’ve been doing the touristy thing – double decker tours, river cruises, museums, I checked out the Sears Tower, the whole bit. In addition to sights, I’ve also been indulging in the eats – deep dish pizza, caramel and cheese popcorn, hotdogs without ketchup and all sorts of foods that don’t really keep in line with the whole “smart choices” motif. But I’m on vacation – that’s what I’m supposed to do, go wild! I am in no way feeling guilty about my culinary choices. I also haven’t exercised since I’ve been here. I’ve always been really curious to know exactly what kind of a person has the discipline to keep up with such things whilst visiting a new land. Please comment and let me know if you do, because I would really like to know how you keep going with your regime while enjoying everything a new city has to offer.



2 responses to “I’m Not Even Going to Try to Resist

  1. Oh gosh I would love to visit the windy city, I would want to eat everything n site.. I think you shouldn’t feel guilty you never know if you are going to eat that way ever again so indulge 🙂

  2. You’re right! I figure, when in Rome. There’s not point in feeling restricted while on vacation. Now that I’m back home though, I’ll be more on the straight and narrow!

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