The Music Keeps Me Going

Courtesy of Rebound Sports & Physical TherapyI love running, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not the best at it. I’m not that fast and I have to take several walk breaks. I concede that, I’m at peace with it. I try my hardest, and listening to energetic music definitely helps me out with that. I keep my iPhone loaded with fast-paced tunes that me want to go faster. Here are some that I have on my playlist right now:

You’ve probably noticed that they are all house tunes, of one variety or another. I find house music to be the only genre to provide me with the energy and pace needed for running. I know a lot people listen to Top 40 songs while running, but I find that tempo to be too slow. What do you listen to? And what is it about that type of music that makes it good for running? If there is some other genre that I haven’t even considered, please comment!

4 responses to “The Music Keeps Me Going

  1. I usually don’t listen to music when i run — I run early in the morning (really early) and generally enjoy the peacefulness of just my breathing. I’m able to tell if I’m going to fast or to slow by the way I’m breathing. When i do my longer runs I will take my iPod and spend a couple hours listening to it after I’ve run an hour or so without it — and when I do that I shuffle through everything – Hip-Hop, Rock, whatever I have. I’ll tell you though, Eminem’s music always seems to have the right beat to keep me on pace.

    And even though you said you’re at peace with your running style I have to comment and say do not belittle your running. Doesn’t matter how much you walk, how fast you go, how slow you go or what distance — what matters is that you run, that you move, that you are doing something incredibly positive for your heart, body, mind and spirit — the distance, the endurance, the pace, if you want it to get further, longer, faster — will all come from your commitment to the run —

    • Thanks for much for your words of reassurance! I hope to one day get better at running in the colder weather and running faster, but you’re right – the very fact that I’m running is what matters!

  2. Try listening to some Girl Talk albums. The mashups make for a good pace and since the songs are changing every minute or so you never get bored!

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