Melanie-Approved Brunch Restaurants in Toronto

Someone recently told me that they were looking for suggestions for a brunch spot in Toronto. I am somewhat of a brunch aficionado. My sister, cousin and I have a monthly engagement we call “Cousins’ Brunch”. Every 4 weeks, we each take turns choosing a restaurant that we haven’t tried before. Here are some of the best brunch places I enjoy.

Eggs Benny - La Societe

La Société Bistro

I walk by this restaurant a thousand times on my daily trek on Bloor Street. In the summertime, their patrons look like they are having the time of their lives on the patio. I love the French-inspired decor of this restaurant, it reminds me of the cafes I went to when I was in Paris. Also, the price points are very affordable – my eggs benny and coffee come up to less than $20. I haven’t yet eaten at La Société for dinner, but I plan to this summer.

Eggs Benny - School


I had a great time here when I ate this Liberty Village restaurant last spring. As the name suggests, the place is fashioned somewhat like an educational institution – the menus are on ruled paper, the waitresses are wearing kilts and there was a wall of clocks like the ones you had in your grade 3 classroom. My eggs benny was on a cheesy biscuit, back bacon and the best homefries I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

Eggs Benny - Cafe Fiorentina

Café Fiorentina

I really enjoyed this gem of a café in the Danforth & Broadview neighbourhood. Specialty treats are sold in addition to meals, with every edible looking absolutely delectable. It was here that I had my first duck eggs benny, which added a nice little twist. Also, the chip-style home fries were quite yummy.

I really seem to like eggs benny!

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