Juicing – Homemade V8 Attempt #1

Making sweet juices are pretty straight-forward. Really, how are is it to mess up anything with raspberries and strawberries that doesn’t require baking? But really, to get the most nutrition benefits out of juicing, there needs to be some serious veggie action. I figured starting out my own V8 concoction would be the best idea, since I know that I like the taste of the vegetable mix. I had already purchased my vegetables, all I was missing were containers to put my creation in. I headed out to my local Canadian Tire and bought a set of mason jars. Cheap, simple, effective – that’s all I could ask for.

Juicing - V8 Inspired - My Mason Jars

I did a little research online to see which 8 vegetables constitute a V8 and their ratios, to get a sense of the correct recipe. Different sites say different things, but the common ingredients seem to be beets, tomatoes, celery, spinach, kale and carrots. I also had scotch bonnet pepper, red onion and cucumber. I realized after that I forgot to add the cucumber … oops!

Juicing - V8 Inspired

As I’ve stated before, I despise measuring, so I didn’t take any proportions in mind (maybe that was my first mistake). Because I had so many vegetables, they weren’t able to all fit in my Nutribullet, so I had to blend little by little.

Juicing - V8 Inspired - Blending - Nutribullet

I also sprinkles some random spice to add a little kick – chili flakes, garlic powder, turmeric, black pepper and cumin. I combined all of my mixtures in a bowl and stirred it up. After that, I ladled them up and made 5 drinks for me to enjoy throughout the week.

Juicing - V8 Inspired - Finished Product

My vegetable drink doesn’t taste disgusting, but that’s not much of a ringing endorsement. It’s missing that je ne sais quoi that gives that strong taste. For my next time around, I will do a bit more research to find the best V8 knock-off recipe out there. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll measure and follow instructions.

If you happen to know of an authentic-tasting V8 recipe, let this woman know, please!

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