Cheap, Simple & Satisfying – Today’s Meal Plan

In an effort to keep the calories down and because I scramble every morning like a mad woman, I’ve kept today’s meal very simple. Also, with the summer here and the patio-hopping in full effect, weekday meals have to be as healthy as possible. Here’s what I ate today at work:

My Quick OatsI started out with my BYO coffee. I had a spare honey packet from my Starbucks trip yesterday (long story short, I totally slept in and had absolutely no time to make coffee at home). An hour or so after, I had my Quaker Quick Oats with water, not milk. I’ve been eating that at work for quite a while, but only within the past week have I been adding pieces of almond to it. It adds a little more taste and substance to it, and I love the crunchy factor.Quick Oats mixed with Almonds - Before and After


Chicken and Salsa - as simple as thatFor lunch, I brought some of my frozen pre-cooked chicken. This particular set was season with a fajita mix. I simply heated it up and added President’s Choice hot, chunky salsa to it. It’s not much to look at, but it’s very tasty. I’ve rediscovered my love for salsa. It’s so cheap and ubiquitous, and what’s more it’s flavourful and low in calories.  Next time, though, I will take the salsa out of the fridge an hour or so in advance, so it’s not so cold. I also had a little bit of salad with my own dressing creation made of 3 dollops – olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and organic honey. I had some leftover almonds from my oatmeal, so I dumped those in. That lunch was so satisfying, and it only took me 3 minutes to grab all its constituents from the fridge and cupboard.Easy Salad - Almonds and homemade dressing

As a little dessert, I had a ruby red grapefruit. How I love those things. And, because I’m not perfect and I’ll forever have a sweet tooth, I had one Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. Yes, I should be avoiding things like that so I can fit into my summer clothes, but I have to enjoy life! And I suppose 80 calories won’t kill me. It’s a good thing that the Dollarama near me sells the multi-packs with individually-wrapped cups. If it were in the typical 3-cup format, I would have wolfed them all down for sure.

Reese Cup and Grapefruit

I’m going to keep it simple at the gym tonight. I way overdid it this week, taking 3 classes in 2 nights. Perhaps I’ll run on the treadmill for half an hour. Afterwards, I’ll probably have a strawberry-banana Greek yogurt smoothie, made on my wonderful Nutribullet, with a little salad on the side. This should be enough, as I never really find myself too hungry after working out. Let me know what you think of this meal, alright?

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