I’m Random, I’m Relevant … And So Is This Blog

I first created this blog as an assignment for a social media course I took at the University of Toronto. We were instructed to have a theme for our blogs. At the time, I was dedicated to attempting to eating better, exercising more … generally being more healthy, physically and mentally. Consequently, I named my blog “Making Smarter Choices?”, with an emphasis on the question mark. Having that direction was good for me at the time, as it forced me to regularly keep mental note of what I should and should not be doing to achieve the fitness goals I set out for myself. But at the same time, I wanted to talk about other things that took space in my head. Random things, like creative projects I took on, pretentious restaurants I dined at and so on. These things really didn’t fit into any one theme, other than the fact that I was thinking about or doing them. It’s a mixed bag.

I knew I wanted to change the name of the blog, but I couldn’t think of anything that matched the theme or was catchy or interesting enough. One day, out of the blue while I was flat-ironing my hair, I had a brainchild. I thought, “what about Random Relevance?” My blog is all over the map in topic scope. And I post things that are relevant to myself and other people with like ideas (I personally can’t stand blogs where the author just talks about topics that have no bearing on anyone other than themselves. It’s like really, why would I want to read about that?) So Random Relevance is born, with a new domain name and everything! Expect more posts this summer about all things, ranging from DIYs, music, crafts, anything I think all of you would get some use from. I’m excited for things to come!

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