Working the Wall – Fitwall

I recently visited Fitwall, a fitness studio in the Leaside neighbourhood of Toronto. Seeing as the summer is done and I’m looking at getting back in shape, I was excited to try something new that would help me attain my goal. I was intrigued by the pictures I saw on the website of the intricate wall fixtures, the Fitwall. The Fitwall is designed in such a matter to incorporate exercises performed in both a vertical fashion, as well as on the floor.

Fitwall - Vertical Exercise

Me on the Fitwall, extending my left leg behind me

The vertical element is the most obvious. Users hang off the wall with their hands gripping a rung towards the top of the Fitwall, with their feet placed on a lower rung. At that point, you could do squats, kicks, climbs, et cetera. What makes the whole experience unusual is that the horizontal support and stability is completely gone, forcing you to engage muscles all the way from your fingertips to your toes throughout your entire exercise. It’s physically demanding, that’s for sure. It requires balance and coordination, which you might not have much of before you start, but it will definitely improve those two areas for you. And of course, strengthening and toning your muscles. My instructor, Jennifer, warned me that I feel it in muscles that I’d never even felt before. She was right! The muscles in my forearms reminded me I had an intense workout as soon as I woke up the next day!

The simple activity of walking in a squat position while attached to the Fitwall is much more difficult than it looks!

The simple activity of walking in a squat position while attached to the Fitwall is much more difficult than it looks!

Another way to use the FItwall is to attach to it via resistance bands to your ankles. The simplest of exercises become far more challenging when a cord is forcing you backward.


Throughout the session, a special monitor is worn around your waist. This will keep track of your heart rate and work load, and is displayed on a monitor above your Fitwall. At the end of the session, you can see a log of your activity throughout.


The beauty of this exercise regime is that by its very nature, it is extremely efficient. Since you are using so many muscles all at once, the whole routine only takes 30 minutes. You can get in and out and take care of the other activities that fill your day.


I’m so glad I got the opportunity to check Fitwall out. The studio is located on Bayview just south of Eglinton, nice and accessible. For those of you looking for an alternative to the gym that gets things done, I recommend trying Fitwall out.

**Disclosure – the kind people at Fitwall provided me with a complimentary training session of their service.

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