Toronto in October – Nuit Blanche & Run for the Cure

I spent the better part of this past weekend on the streets and sidewalks of Toronto. I’m pretty sure I travelled 25 kilometres on foot in a 30 hour period (that’s about 15 miles). Saturday started with a run in preparation for my half-marathon in 2 weeks’ time and for the charity run for breast cancer awareness on Sunday. Along my usual jogging route, I saw the beginnings of the night’s festivities, Nuit Blanche that is. For those of your unaware of this French-named event, it is an all-night event that happens in major cities throughout the world. During this “white night” festival, art installations of all sorts are showcased throughout the streets, galleries, office buildings, medians – virtually anywhere. ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche is held in Toronto, typically the first Saturday of October. Seeing as it has been so mild in these parts considering the time of year, Torontonians were out in throngs.

The festival started around 7PM (6:51PM, to be exact). By this point, major arteries in the downtown core were closed off to cars and the people, myself included, took over the streets. Art, and its many interpretations, was on the menu. The showcase begins:

I wrapped up my Nuit Blanche activities around 3:30 AM and caught some shut eye around 4:30. My alarm went off 4 short hours later. I did a quick morning routine, geared myself up in exercise attire and made it over to CIBC Run for the Cure. This event is held throughout Canada. Participants can choose to walk or run either 1 or 5 kilometres for this breast cancer awareness run. Throughout the months, we collected donations from friends and family that go towards cancer research, in search of a cure. I chose to take part in this run in memory of my grandmother, who died of breast cancer 3 years ago. I did this event along with my mother and aunts. They wanted to walk, and I wanted to run, so I chose to do both – I completed my 5K then met up with them after. I wasn’t able to get any pictures while I was running, but was able to snag some when I came to a walking pace.

All in all, it was one of those fall weekends that every Torontonian looks forward to. It exemplified what living in Toronto is all about – walking, living, enjoying the streets and the community as a whole. I love the fact that I live in a world-class city that is ripe with culture and social awareness. If you didn’t get the chance to take part in these activities this fall, make sure you do next fall.

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