DIY Jewelry – Make Your Own Cocktail Ring

I’ve had a jar of decorative stones I bought from Ikea years upon years ago knocking around my condo. This past weekend, I finally thought of a project that would make use of them. I know people typically use decorative stones in plants or dining table arrangements, but those things didn’t appeal to me. I’d rather have rings instead.

Yes rings, those accoutrements for your fingers. I planned on using the decorative stones as the focal point. I used a few different tricks to gussy up the appearance. Here are some of the techniques I used:

  • I baked stones at 425 degrees for 25 minutes. After that, I dunked the stones in ice cold water. The extreme difference in temperature caused the stones to crackle on the inside. The new appearance is radiant.
pretty stones

Ooh, pretty!

  • I took both baked and unbaked stones and painted them with nail polish. I used a mix of glittery and opaque polishes. The added colour and glitter created an extra degree of dimension that really made my rings pop.

glitter nail

Now that I had the focal point finished, it was time to affix it to the ring. I used costume jewelry rings, 6 for $1 from Ardene. Ideally for this project, ring blanks should be used, but the basic rings were able to do the trick. I coated the side with the glue and affixed the finished stone to it.

place stone on ring

I made myself 6 rings that cost me less than $4 altogether. I’d say that’s a deal! If you’re looking for a quick and easy creative gift, I definitely suggest making your own cocktail rings.

glitter nail finished


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